Who am I?

HI, Wish you all happy new year. I announce myself on the blog-post, and also welcome all fellows like me. Let me confess I am no writer except some business correspondence, few letters to my family and friends and that is it.But I like to read I read fiction, classics, thrillers, Mystery, Fantasy, travelogue, any thing and everything that I find interesting. On some days I even read philosophy. I like yo tell stories I add my own expressions to the story just to make it interesting to the listeners. Many of them suggested that I should write.

Here I am Trying to scribble some thing. I think blogging is a great medium. When you see or experience something an impression is created in your mind. As a reaction or reflex action you express your emotions, opinions or past experience. that is exactly what I am going to do through my blogs.

My blogs are going to be what I see, what I like and what I am.

But who am I? Well I am a professional  working in Sales and Marketing. As my profession requires I do a lot of loose talk but hey do not worry here I am not selling anything. I like to travel, I like reading, I like photography, And trekking is my passion.

I hope my new passion of writing a blog will give me lot of joy and happiness. As of now I am not expecting much.life mantra 3

So you see I don’t want to get disappointed.




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